Principal’s Message


NGPP Principal's Pen

In this growing technology, Motihari College of Engineering (MCE), Bihar, impart education with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge in an integrated form. The basic purpose of education is not just imparting knowledge as is generally perceived but also to enable students to understand and discover themselves, realise their complete potential and find that one thing that they love the most – the one thing which they are passionate about and would like to pursue as their career. Our objective is to impart education with creation, dissemination and application of knowledge in an integrated form. Our aim is to produce true citizens of India. Apart from all these, students shall improve their technical ability along with their communicative skills. This is the orientation that needs to be given to students. A regular student – faculty interaction helps in grooming the students into leaders and not simply the technocrats. MCE has been established with the purpose and commitment of training students to develop these very skills.
Various dimensions in which MCE students are expected to excel include innovative thinking, logical and analytical skills, intellectual curiosity, trustworthiness, environment and energy consciousness, ethics and moral values – and while at it, gaining an overall development of mind, body and intellect. All these can’t be perfect and accurate suddenly. It has to be planned and cultivated over a period of time and we do it in slow pace from the day first. They will have to meet the high standards set by the industries as well.
High class rich library, computing facility, internet and intranet facility, different educational and recreational facilities of institute enrich the process of learning. We carve out time to balance academics with extra-curricular and co-curricular activities to give an additional dimension to students in all round development. Conducive environment facilitates overall personality development of students. We offer ‘Instructive Technology Approach’ by our qualified teachers. Our teaching-learning process is mainly based on motivation and motivating factors. We believe in disciplined, secured, congenial, serene, relaxed, and stress free environment of education to achieve coveted educational destination.
In addition to excellent teaching, the faculty members are actively involved in research. They are also encouraged for research paper publications and for attending and presenting papers in the conferences, both in India and abroad. We encourage our faculty members and staff for higher studies too.
It was Motihari at Champaran that the transformation from Mohandas into the Mahatma began. This is the little known story of Gandhi’s first satyagraha, the movement that began a new chapter in India’s independence struggle. Champaran Satyagraha was the movement responsible for putting Gandhi on the front seat of Indian nationalist movement and making satyagraha a powerful tool of civilian resistance.

Dr. Abhay Kumar Jha,