Labs & Infrastructure


Laboratory Facility

Civil Engineering Department has following well-equipped laboratory for fulfill the requirement of Undergraduate program and support student B.Tech student Project.

Sr. No. Lab Name Lab Coordinator  Co-cordinator
1 Surveying & Geomatics Lab Abhishek Kumar-1 Padam Jee Omar
2 Transportation Lab Anil Kumar Chhotu Abhishek Kumar-1
3 Geotech Lab KM Sharda Gupta Ghausul Azam Ansari
4 Geology Lab Ghausul Azam Ansari Anil Kumar Chhotu
5 Concrete Lab Manish Pratap Singh Anil Kumar
6 Material Testing Lab Anil Kumar Abhishek Kumar-II
7 Hydrology & Hydraulics Lab Md. Arman Ali Padam Jee Omar
8 Environmental Lab Ghausul Azam Ansari Abhishek Kumar-II



Surveying is a very important activity in civil engineering. It is performed before starting any construction to collect data of actual site condition of field and during the construction process to achieve a desired level of accuracy on site. Surveying lab of our Department has a large number of conventional instruments and latest surveying instrument also (like Chain, Prismatic Compass, Vernier Theodolite, Cross staff, Digital theodolite, Auto level & Total station).


Transportation Lab

Equipment for testing suitability of different pavement material (Aggregate & Bitumen) for highway are available in this lab. Major equipment are AIV Test, Los Angeles Abrasion Test, Bitumen Mixer, Penetration test, Softening Point test, Ductility test, Marshall stability test, MERLIN, Benkhelman Beam etc. Wooden Models are also available for illustration purpose.

Geotechnical Lab

Geotechnical Lab of the department has various apparatus to test physical properties as well as engineering properties of soil. (Like plastic limit, liquid limit, Specific gravity, direct shear test, unconfined compressive test, Triaxial test, Permeability test, Vane shear Test etc.)

Geology Lab

Stability of any civil engineering structure depends upon its foundation and underneath rock and soil foundation. To understand the properties of rocks and its formation, in engineering geology lab of the department has a number of rock samples and different type of models showing the different geological formation.


Concrete Lab

Concrete is extensively used in civil engineering as a building material, due to its strength and easily moulding properties. In this lab of the department, different equipment for concrete casting, compacting, workability test and strength test are available. For ex- Concrete mixer, Concrete mould (Cube, beam, cylinder), Slump Apparatus, Compaction Factor test apparatus Compression Testing Machine, Flexural Testing Machine etc.

Material Testing Lab

Quality control on civil engineering site is an essential activity for achieving goal of a desired strengthen, safe, durable structure. It is achieved by performing different material test on building material. Material testing lab consists of various instruments for testing building materials like compression testing machine, Vicat apparatus, Flexural strength testing machine etc.

Environmental Lab

Environmental engineering lab is equipped with a number of various water testing kits, and apparatus like -pH meter, conductivity meter, BOD Incubator, Turbidity meter etc. to analyze quality of drinking water and waste water also.

Hydrology & Hydraulic Lab

Equipment are under procurement process.