Assistant Professor (Mechanical Engineering),
Department of Mechanical Engineering

7667803303   |   [email protected]

PhD (Pursuing)IIT(ISM)Dhanbad
M.Tech (Machine Design)
B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering)
Subject Expertise
Machine design, Workshop Manufacturing Practice, Engineering Mechanics, Nonconventional Energy Resources
Area Of Research
Renewable Energy, Machine Design, Hydraulic Dynamics
Professional Experience
5 Year of Teaching Experience at UG(B.Tech) level
Projects Executed
AKU-CRS Research Project on "Studies on Flat Plat Solar Air Heater with Longitudinal Fins". Total Cost: 3.00 Lakh-Completed
List Of Publications
1. Birendra Kumar, R. K. Nayak and S. N. Singh, 2018 “Experimental Analysis of the Thermo-Hydraulic Performance on a Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrating Solar Water Heater with Twisted Tape Inserts in an Absorber Tube” Zeitschrift für Naturforschung A ZNA A Journal of Physical Sciences, SCI ), Vol.73(5), 431-439.
2. Amit Kumar Bhakta, Birendra Kumar and S. N. 2016 “Investigation on the Performance of a Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrating Solar Water Heater” Indian Journal of Science and Technology, SCOPUS ,Vol 9(48)
Conference Attended (National/International)
1. Birendra Kumar, S. N. Singh, 2015 “Performance Studies on Cylindrical Parabolic Concentrating on Solar Water Heater with twisted tape inserts in tube” in the International Conference on (EFTET) on May 8-9, 2015, Solan H.P, India 2. Conference paper presented: “Studies on Flat Plate Solar Air Heater with Longitudinal Fins” -National e-conference RISE-2021.
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