Assistant Professor (EEE),
Department of Electrical Engineering

8789896398   |   [email protected]

M.Tech (Power System Engineering) from IIT Roorkee 2014
PhD from IIT Roorkee
Subject Expertise
Power system design
Power system protection and switchgear
Area Of Research
Distribution system analysis
Current transformer
Distribution transformer loss of life evaluation
Professional Experience
List Of Publications
K. Kumar, B. G. Kumbhar, and S. Satsangi, “Assessment of effect ofload models on loss-of-life calculation of a transformer using a pointestimation method,”Electric Power Components and Systems, pp. 1–12,2018.
K. Kumar, B. G. Kumbhar, and S. Satsangi, "Extension of life of distribution transformer using Volt-VAr optimisation in a distribution system", IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, volume 13, pp 1777-1785, 2019
Conference Attended (National/International)
M. N. Alam, A. Mathur, and K. Kumar, “Economic load dispatchusing a differential particle swarm optimization,” in2016 IEEE 1stInternational Conference on Power Electronics, Intelligent Control andEnergy Systems (ICPEICES). IEEE, 2016, pp. 1–5.
M. Alam, K. Kumar, and A. Mathur, “Economic load dispatch consid-ering valve-point effects using time varying constriction factor basedparticle swarm optimization,” in2015 IEEE UP Section Conference onElectrical Computer and Electronics (UPCON). IEEE, 2015, pp. 1–6.
K. Kumar and G. B. Kumbhar, “A review on impact of distributed gen-eration and electrical vehicles on aging of distribution transformer,” in2017 3rd International Conference on Condition Assessment Techniquesin Electrical Systems (CATCON). IEEE, 2017, pp. 283–288.
K. Kumar and G. B. Kumbhar,, “The effect of solar power injection on aging of a distributiontransformer,” in2017 6th International Conference on Computer Ap-plications In Electrical Engineering-Recent Advances (CERA).IEEE,2017, pp. 242–246.
K. Kumar, G. B. Kumbhar, and S. Mahajan, “A new efficient algorithmto detect current transformer saturation,” in2016 IEEE Power andEnergy Society General Meeting (PESGM). IEEE, 2016, pp. 1–5.
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