Dr. Md Tabrez (Faculty)


Dr. Md Tabrez

Assistant Professor (EEE) Regular; Date of Joining: 31 Mar 2018,
Department of Electrical Engineering

8002320880   |   [email protected]

PhD (IIT-ISM, Dhanbad)
Subject Expertise
Power System, Drives, Electrical Machines
Area Of Research
Multiphase Power
Power Electronics
Biomedical Engineering
Professional Experience
Nov 2012-March 2015 Electrical Supervising Engineer at Najran Airport with Saudi Services co ltd (KSA gov. company)  Involved in Saudi government owned GACA project  Job Responsibility is to supervise and monitor all electrical related activities at Najran airport including LV, HV, instrumentation, control, operation, preventive and corrective maintenance of transformers, substations, switch gears, ATS, HV cables, lighting systems, cooling systems, water plant and sewage plant firefighting and related panels.  Did so many successful projects, one of them was solving power outage due to Multiple HV LLG and LLLG fault at Najran airport and returning normal SECO power
List Of Publications
Rafiuddin, Nidal; Tabrez, Md; Khan, Yusuf Uzzaman; Farooq, Omar; ,Wavelet packet-based classification of brain states during English and mother tongue script writing,International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology,22,4,325-337,2016,Inderscience Publishers (IEL)
Tabrez, M; Sadhu, PK; Iqbal, A; ,A Novel Three Phase to Seven Phase Conversion Technique Using Transformer Winding Connections,"Engineering, Technology & Applied Science Research",7,5,1953-1961,2017,
Tabrez, Md; Hasan, Md Asif; Rafiuddin, Nidal; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; ,Upgrading cars running on Indian roads: Analyzing its impact on environment using ANN,2017 International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC),,,1156-1160,2017,IEEE
Tabrez, Md; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Hassan, Mahboob; Shamganth, K; Al-Ghnimi, Sami; ,A comparative simulation study of different sensorless permanent magnet synchronous motor drives using neural network and fuzzy logic,Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems,35,5,5177-5184,2018,IOS Press
Suman Kumar Laha, Md Tabrez Pradip, Kumar Sahu, Atif Iqbal, Ankur Ganguli & Ashok Kumar Naskar; ,Solar Induction Heating Syatem using High Frequency Hybrid Resonant Inverter under CSI Mode,,,,,2018,"IN Patent App. 201,731,040,411"
Tabrez, Md; Sadhu, Pradip Kumar; Iqbal, Atif; Bakhsh, Farhad I; ,Analysis of a three-phase to seven-phase transformer under unbalanced input,Microsystem Technologies,26,8,2507-2516,2020,Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Tabrez, Md; Raj, Priyansu; Raj, Rahul; Gupta, Anubhav; Singh, Saket Kumar; ,Study of Solar Photovoltaic System with Utility Backup of an Educational Institute,"Energy Systems, Drives and Automations",,,443-448,2020,Springer
Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Tabrez, Md; Hameed, Salman; ,Input Voltage and Slip Power Control Schemes Based Performance Optimization of Grid-Connected Induction Generator,Metaheuristic and Evolutionary Computation: Algorithms and Applications,,,585-594,2021,"Springer, Singapore"
Tabrez, Md; Sadhu, Pradip Kumar; Iqbal, Atif; Husain, Mohammed Aslam; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Singh, SP; ,Equivalent circuit modelling of a three-phase to seven-phase transformer using PSO and GA,Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems,42,2,689-698,2022,IOS Press
Tabrez, Md; Sadhu, Pradip Kumar; Hossain Lipu, Molla Shahadat; Iqbal, Atif; Husain, Mohammed Aslam; Ansari, Shaheer; ,"Power conversion techniques using multi-phase transformer: Configurations, applications, issues and recommendations",Machines,10,1,13,2021,MDPI
Tabrez, Md; Sadhu, Pradip Kumar; Iqbal, Atif; Baksh, Farhad Ilahi; ,A Three-phase to Seven-phase Energy Transformation under Unbalanced Supply Voltage,Preprints,,,,2018,MDPI AG
AlShidani, Shadan; Alshabibi, Salim; Tabrez, Md; Kumar, Kanak; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; ,Applications of 555 Timer for Development of Low-Cost System,Advanced Energy and Control Systems,,,207-216,2022,"Springer, Singapore"
Husain, Mohammed Aslam; Singh, SP; Tabrez, Md; ,Intelligent Approach for Performance Investigation of Direct-Drive Generator-Based Wind Energy Conversion System Under Variable Speed Operation,Intelligent Data Analytics for Power and Energy Systems,,,471-483,2022,"Springer, Singapore"
Husain, Mohammed Aslam; Rajput, Ritik; Gupta, Maneesh Kumar; Tabrez, Md; Ahmad, Md Waseem; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; ,Design and Implementation of Different Drive Topologies for Control of Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle Application,Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal,,,999–1026-999–1026,2022,
Pandey, Yudhishthir; Hasan, Naimul; Husain, Mohammed Aslam; Khan, Ahmad Neyaz; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Minai, Ahmad Faiz; Tabrez, Md; ,An Environment Friendly Energy-Saving Dispatch Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming Relaxation in the Smart Grid with Renewable Energy Sources,Distributed Generation & Alternative Energy Journal,,,1239–1258-1239–1258,2022,
Tabrez, Md; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Husain, Mohammad Aslam; Singh, S.P.; Iqbal, Atif; Sadhu, Pradip Kumar; ,A Novel three-phase to seven-phase transformer,,,,,2021,"AU Patent 2,021,106,022"
Kumar, Dileep; Choudhary, Surya Deo; Tabrez, Md; Ayob, Afida; Hossain Lipu, Molla Shahadat; ,Model Antiseptic Control Scheme to Torque Ripple Mitigation for DC-DC Converter-Based BLDC Motor Drives,Energies,15,21,7823,2022,MDPI
Husain, Mohamed Aslam; Tabrez, Md; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Nat, Aslam; Mahmood, Farhad Muhsin; ,Simulation and experimental study of power flow in a seven‐phase transformer under fault conditions,"IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution",,,,2022,
Conference Attended (National/International)
Rafi, Nidal; Tabrez, Md; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Farooq, Omar; Khan, YU; ,Feature Extraction and Classification of EEG during Script Writing for BCI Applications,Conference Proceedings of Picon 11,,,,2011,
Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; Islam, Shirazul; Tabrez, Md; Sharma, Amit Kumar; ,Wind Energy Potential in India–An Overview,Power,59,74429,74429,2012,
Tabrez, M; Al-Ghnimi, Sami; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; ,Position estimators for sensor-less vector control of a permanent magnet synchronous motor,2017 International Conference on Intelligent Sustainable Systems (ICISS),,,371-374,2017,IEEE
abrez, Md; Sadhu, PK; Iqbal, Atif; Bakhsh, Farhad Ilahi; ,A Review of Three Phase to Seven Phase Converter Transformer,"2019 International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies (GUCON)",832-836,2019,IEEE
Life member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
Awards and Honors
Received best employee awards two times for outstanding job performance.
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